Flowcarbon Docs


The first Flow Carbon bundle will be GNT.
Reminder: Bundle tokens (like GNT) are issued on a one-to-one basis; if a GCO2 token holder deposits 50 GCO2s into a bundle, she will receive 50 bundle tokens in return. Remember that GCO2s are backed by one carbon credit (which in turn represents a reduction or removal of one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere), so therefore bundle tokens retain to this ratio of one token to one metric ton of carbon.
The acceptance criteria for the GNT bundle are:
  • Nature-based methodology (i.e. conservation, reforestation, nature restoration)
  • A five year vintage period, inclusive of the current year, that will roll every year. The newest vintage year is current year vintage. So for example in 2022, the vintages eligible for GNT are V17 to V22.
  • Backed by credits from market-recognized standards.
Serving this sector of the market will accelerate the development of the carbon projects that the world desperately needs.