Flowcarbon Docs

Additional Resources

Here is a list of additional resources if you wish to dive into the world of carbon markets further.
  • This report from McKinsey outlines how voluntary carbon markets can be improved and scaled up to meet the rising demand.
  • This report from the Environmental Defense Fund provides an excellent high-level explainer on the carbon markets. It explains what is driving the market, the various types of carbon credits and what makes a quality credit, and the current challenges of the market.
  • Ceres is a non-profit organization working to solve the world's sustainability challenges. This guide aims to share best practices and compare existing standards for carbon projects.
  • Climate Focus breaks down the numbers and trends of the carbon markets in 2021. The deck overviews the data provided in their VCM Dashboard.
  • Ecosystem Marketplace is one of the most respected initiatives in carbon market research. This report goes deep into the current state of the market.
  • This is an overview of the best practices companies can take to use offsets to achieve net zero.