Flowcarbon Docs


What is Flowcarbon?

Flowcarbon is a protocol, initially launching on Celo, with the mission to bring carbon credits on-chain. Through the tokenization of carbon credits, Flowcarbon allows project developers and carbon buyers to engage directly, creating deep liquidity in the carbon market and allowing for efficient price discovery.

What are Flowcarbon’s goals?

Flowcarbon's goal is to directly facilitate as much avoided deforestation, conservation, and natural restoration work as possible. We are creating an end-to-end vertically integrated company to drive institutional capital into critically important climate change mitigation work.
We have additional goals we hope to achieve that focus on (1) creating a more transparent, accessible carbon market and (2) promoting sustainable practices and helping organizations become net zero or net negative.
Carbon Market Goals
  • Bring carbon assets on chain
  • Develop deep liquidity aggregated bundles for carbon assets on chain
  • Utilize protocol owned liquidity (POL) to ensure sustainable liquidity for for carbon assets
  • Leverage DeFi partnerships to help incentive additional on-chain liquidity for carbon assets
  • Work to build borrowing and lending markets on chain for carbon markets
  • Develop a long-term governance structure to help maintain the integrity of on-chain carbon markets
  • Ensure and maintain decentralization of bridges bringing carbon assets on and off chain
Climate Goals
  • Incentivize DAOs and other organizations to use on-chain carbon assets to become net zero or net negative
  • Lead by example, to show DAOs how to become net negative carbon contributors, by burning a portion of all fee revenue as carbon tokens

Who is behind Flowcarbon?

Flowcarbon is founded and run by a dedicated team of Web3, carbon, and finance experts passionate about developing climate change mitigation solutions. The leadership team includes:

How do I get involved?

There are several ways to participate in the Flowcarbon ecosystem.
Join the discord to participate in governance and keep up to date on the latest developments.
Project developers or off-chain carbon credit holders can actively participate in Flowcarbon by bringing their credits on-chain. The on-chain credits can be swapped for bundle tokens, deposited into liquidity aggregated bundles, or even retired on-chain. Traditional DeFi players can participate by purchasing on-chain credits through DeFi exchanges like SushiSwap.

What is a GCO2 token?

GCO2 tokens are a collection of on-chain carbon credits unique to a particular project and vintage. Every batch of carbon credits brought on-chain will result in the creation of a new type of GCO2 token.
For example, say Bob holds two types of carbon credits in his carbon registry account and he wants to bring both of them on-chain. One type of credit is from a reforestation project in California and has a vintage of 2018. The other type of credit is from a wetlands project in Florida and has a vintage of 2020. Bob would submit two separate requests to Flowcarbon to bring these on-chain, one for each type of credit. Flowcarbon would process this request and create two separate GCO2 tokens. The first token may be called California Reforestation Nineteen and have the symbol CRN and the second token may be called Florida Wetlands Twenty and have the symbol FWT. After token creation, Bob’s account would be sent CRN and FWT tokens equivalent in number to the number of carbon credits previously held in his carbon registry account.

What is a bundle token?

Bundles are collections of GCO2 tokens with similar attributes. Holders of GCO2 tokens can deposit their GCO2 tokens in exchange for an equivalent number of bundle tokens if the GCO2 token meets the criteria of that bundle.
The sole purpose of the development of bundle tokens is to introduce liquidity to the market. The bundle tokens are backed one-to-one by an underlying GCO2 token and represent a claim on the aggregated collection of GCO2 tokens.
Bundle tokens will retain all the functionality of the underlying GCO2 tokens. They can be traded on DeFi exchanges, retired on-chain and redeemed for off-chain credits.

What is GNT?

GNT is the first bundle created by Flowcarbon. The attributes and real-world value of GNT make it the first liquid carbon instrument designed for corporate, retail, institutional, and crypto buyers.